How to Stop Losing Money in the Stock Market?

1. Always try to keep learning.

2. Stay away from small and cheap stocks or invest them very thoughtfully.

3. Most important thing, learn to be patient, stay away from the stock market if you do not have patience.

4. Never Ever do trading with luck.

5. Never cure to earn big profit at once, focus on small but fixed benefits.

6. When buying or selling shares, set a target for your profit, withdraw if possible, or if it is very safe, then proceed only.

7. Trade wisely keeping an eye on the market, do not buy any shares at the best of anyone.

8. Take out a part of each of your profits and deposit it safely. Believe that when you withdraw your principal amount or investment amount and trade with the amount of profit, then you will trade confidently.

9.Do not spend much money in the beginning, get experience first and try to understand and learn the market.

Originally posted 2020-11-03 19:15:42.

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