Know why Nifty index may rise by 20% Next Year!

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Share Market Next Week: Know why Nifty index may rise 20%!

America has been claiming that it is entering a recession for the past nine months without ceasing. Recession is a topic that is frequently discussed. However, the reality is that the economy is booming and job possibilities are not disappearing. Despite the 300 basis point increase in interest rates, a recession is predicted to occur in the second half of 2023.

The market is about to climb during the next bull run, which is obvious when there is universal desperation. Because a country’s currency should depreciate if it enters a recession. But the dollar’s power is still evident.

Even if interest rates are increased, money will continue to flow. Monetary policy by itself cannot stop inflation. I’m glad to see that traders and investors are starting to comprehend the economy more.

Neither the sales of cars nor the level of consumption are declining in India. Revenue from taxes is rising steadily. For seven months, the GST revenue has surpassed Rs. 1.4 lakh crore. India’s economy will grow at a 7% annual rate. The GDP growth rate has been lowered by the IMF to 6.8%, nevertheless. Kharif crops have benefited from a better monsoon. It is anticipated that this will boost agricultural output.

Following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Indian government is working to increase supply. The contribution of agriculture to the GDP will likely rise, in my opinion. The Indian government will now include services in the GDP, which is a wise move.

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I think that 17100 has been chosen as the Nifty’s acceptable valuation. has made $ 35 billion in sales, of which 25% will undoubtedly be recovered at some point. The Nifty index can therefore increase by 20% from here. The market could be experiencing a fresh boom. After remaining at Rs 210, ITC is now trading 50% higher.

The stock was lost by those who sold it out of fear. Mahindra & Mahindra Finance and BHEL both exhibit the same behaviour. KVB had also witnessed this. Not more than Rs 50 was being spent. CNI misled investors in these four stocks. Even large caps cannot make you money if you lack the patience to wait two to three years.

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