Best Apps to File Income Tax Return Online India

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List of Top apps to file Income Tax Return online

The deadline to file an income tax return (ITR) for the assessment year 2021-22 has been extended to December 31, 2021 by the government. The deadline for filing a belated/revised return for the assessment year 2021-22, which had previously been extended until January 31st, 2022, has now been extended again to March 31st, 2022.

The penalty for ITRs filed on or before December 31 is Rs 5,000, while for later filings, the penalty is doubled. The maximum penalty is Rs 1,000 if your taxable income is less than Rs 5 lakh. According to the Income Tax Department’s website, if the tax avoided surpasses Rs 25 lakh, the penalty could range from 6 months to 7 years.


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MyITReturn Income Tax File Online

With over 26 lakh users, MyITReturn is a popular online ITR filing website that assists users in calculating their taxes and preparing their ITRs online. Their software, which had been built for the Income Tax Department itself, was used to file India’s first income tax return.

Aside from their website, the portal also has a mobile app for Android and iOS that enables over 200,000 users calculate, pay, and file their tax returns, making the process very simple and quick.

Users can access their services in over nine Indian languages in addition to English (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi). Salaried employees earning less than Rs. 2.50 lakhs can use the platform for free e-filing. Higher-income taxpayers can pay for plans that start at Rs. 199 plus taxes.

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Clear Tax

Free Income Tax efiling in India
Clear Tax File Tax Return Online

In India, Clear Tax is one of the most extensively used tax apps. On the basis of the responses, the Clear Tax app allows users to select and upload an appropriate form to file the IT return. It allows users to import information from their Form 26AS and Form 16 into the app, making it easier to file an IT return. Using the straightforward tax app, filing an ITR is simple.

All India ITR

All India ITR is a government-approved e-intermediary. It is available on Android and iOS and enables a completely paperless approach. Users may just upload photos or PDFs of their Form-16 and other documents, and the system will auto-read the information and fill out the forms, making it simple to file your ITR on the move.

Tax Smile

The Tax Smile app is intended to assist you in completing your taxes on your own. It asks intuitive questions that are based on a thorough understanding of tax law. Tax Smile offers tax preparation, accuracy, rapid filing, security, and post-filing assistance. The programme is free to use and only charges when an income tax return is filed.

H&R Block

You can also file your taxes using the MyBlock app from H&R Block. H&R is a wonderful alternative because it appoints tax professionals if your ITR is complex and you find it tough to file. After determining the difficulty of an IT return, tax professionals are appointed. H&R Block provides a safe tax vault, tax savings, a simple filing process, accuracy, and transparency.

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