Multibagger Penny Stock: Kaiser Corporation Limited

Although investing in penny stocks is risky, it can be done if the company’s fundamentals are excellent. Today, we’re going to tell you about a stock that has turned its investors into millionaires in just a year.

Kaiser Corporation Limited is the name of this stock. This is one of the year’s probable multibagger stocks. In the last year, the stock of Kaiser Corporation has returned more than 22,219 percent. The stock has returned more than 2,651 percent so far this year as well.

Kaiser Corporation Limited Share Price History

On 5 May 2021, shares of Kaiser Corporation Limited were trading at 36 paise a share on the BSE, but have since risen to Rs 80.35. (Closing price of 13 April 2022 BSE). It has delivered investors a strong return of 22,219.44 percent over this time span.

At the same time, this stock has risen from 44 paise (BSE closing price on 18 October 2021) to Rs 80.35 in the last six months. During this time, the stock returned 18,161.36 percent to its owners. In the same way, it has returned 2,651.71 percent this year. On January 3, 2022, the company’s stock was trading at Rs 2.92.

At the same time, this stock has risen from Rs 33.70 (closed price on March 17, 2022 BSE) to Rs 80.35 in the recent month. That is, in a month, this stock has returned 138.43 percent. In the last five trading sessions, the stock has gained 21.37 percent.

About Kaiser Corporation Ltd

The firm was founded in Mumbai in September 1993. On March 15, 1995, the company was renamed Kaiser Press Limited and became a public limited company. On November 5, 2013, the company’s name was changed to “Kaiser Corporation Limited.” Labels, Stationery Articles, Magazines, and Cartons are Kaiser Corporation Limited’s (KCL) main businesses. KCL also engages in engineering items, electric and industrial heat tracing, and turnkey projects through its subsidiaries.

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Kaiser Corporation Ltd Investors got Benefit of Crores of Rupees

According to Kaiser Corporation Limited’s share price pattern, if an investor had placed 50 thousand rupees in this share a year ago at a rate of 36 paise and kept his investment till now, the sum would be Rs. 1.11 crore today. In the same period, a Rs 50 thousand investment would have grown to Rs 91.30 lakh in only 6 months.

Similarly, if an investor had invested 50 thousand rupees in this share this year at the current rate of Rs 2.92 a share, the sum would now be Rs 13 lakh. At the same period, a Rs 50000 investment would have increased to Rs 1.19 lakh in a month.

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