Today, there was an enormous selling within the stock market. The stock market’s Sensex fell 1066 points to shut at 39,728. At the same time, the nifty fell 290 points to close at the amount of 11,680. within the Sensex, all the shares, except Asian Paints, closed at the green mark.

At just the once, the Sensex was down by over 700 points and was trading at 40,083. The Sensex has fallen almost 964 points from today’s high of 41,048.05. At the same time, 34 out of 50 stocks of nifty are seen to be falling.

The European market is showing an enormous decline. At the same time, Dow futures are showing a decline of 172 points. Its impact is being seen in Indian markets similarly. The nifty is currently trading at 11,748.

Originally posted 2020-10-15 10:56:34.

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