The deadline to submit income tax returns for the current fiscal year is quickly approaching. It expires on July 31st. You must complete the ITR as quickly as feasible in this circumstance. PAN cards are crucial in this regard.

But it can be challenging if you don’t have a PAN card. Our PAN card is frequently either misplaced or damaged. Following this, challenges may arise when completing the ITR. If this is the issue, we will explain how to quickly download e-PAN if this is the case.

Describe how the PAN card is crucial for filing income tax returns, according to the government. Due to the difficulties many people had while their PAN card was unavailable, the government began providing quick PAN online. So let’s find out how to download e-PAN online.

How to Download e-PAN Easily

Step 1: You need to start by visiting This is the Income Tax Department’s e-filing website.

Step 2: You will then see the option Instant e-PAN; click on it before selecting New e-PAN.

Step 3: You must then type in your PAN number. Aadhar number will also need to be entered in addition to this.

Step 4: Accept the Terms and Conditions after that.

Step 5: Your registered number will receive an OTP following this.

Step 6: After entering it, press the submit button. Before pressing the submit button, you must carefully review all the information.

Step 7: The PDF version of your e-PAN card will then be delivered to the registered email address you provided.

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